During the Alpha Training Cycle we will be placing an emphasis on 5 of the 10 General Physical Skills.  We will be focused on Strength, Endurance, Speed, Power, and Agility.  We will be training these simultaneously but with cyclic emphasis.

We will be using 3 main exercises for our Strength work:

Back Squat – Lower Body

Bench Press – Upper Body

Power Clean – Total Body

We will train strength Monday’s and Wednesday’s during the Alpha Training Cycle. For the Back Squat and Bench Press We’ll use the “super squat” protocol, where you’ll get a percentage of your 1RM on the barbell, and then complete 20 reps, unbroken, with 3 slow breaths between each rep. This adds up to a 3-4 minute effort if you do it correctly and don’t rush it.

For the Power Cleans we will be using the “Big 24” protocol.

This is a 5 day a week cycle that will run for 6 weeks.

The weekly schedule will look like this:

Mon – Strength (Back Squat, Bench Press, Power Clean)

Tue – Speed, Power, and Agility

Wed – Strength (Back Squat, Bench Press, Power Clean)

Thu – Speed, Power, Agility, and Core

Fri – Endurance – (i.e. long, easy run – Don’t skip these, they are part of your fitness and if you cherry pick, your fitness will suffer)

Saturday – Make-up day if you miss a day during the week you can do that WOD or Active Recovery

Sunday – Active Recovery

Little Black Dress Boot Camp

Little Black Dress Boot Camp

We are opening up only 20 spots for our Little Black Dress Boot Camp!  This time we are expanding it to 6 week instead of the usual 4.  In previous camps we’ve had some amazing results like losing 3% bod fat, dropping 8 pounds, going down 2 dress sizes and so much more, and that was in only 4 week imagine what will happen in 6 week!  The other thing we are doing is offering a BIG Grand Prize this time, a weekend getaway at a Marriott Resort! Here’s what you get when you join the challenge:

  • Initial assessment (Measurements, BF %, goals setting, among other things)
  • Custom eating plan (you will have several choices but you must pick one and stick with it)
  • Weekly check-ins to make sure everything in moving in the right direction
  • One Private group class per week only for Boot Campers
  • Unlimited access to any of our MetFit / Cardio Boxing / Krav Maga classes) for the entire 6 weeks
  • Final assessment

How much does this potential life changing program cost? It’s only $250 (if you attend only 3 classes a week that breaks down to about $13 a class).  You are also getting the Custom Eating Plan included which on its own cost $300!

The challenge begins on Monday January 16, 2017 and runs for 6 weeks.

What’s required of you?

  • Attend at least 3 classes per week at our location
  • Stick to the eating plan
  • Check-in on your personal Facebook page each time you are here
  • Commit to finishing the entire 6 week program
  • Do both the initial and final assessments and write a short essay on how this challenge has helped you

You will be judged by our Coaching Staff on your transformation (50% of your score) and your essay (50% of your score).  The winner will get a weekend getaway that they can choose from a list of Select Marriott Resorts!

Click HERE now and fill out an application so we can get you enlisted ASAP!  We sell out quickly so don’t delay!

Krav Maga is Here!

Krav Maga is Here!

Tuesday night at 6:30 pm we will be teaching Krav Maga the Israeli art of Self Defense.  Being able to protect yourself and your loved ones is a fundamental primal need and in the ever changing world this need is growing faster than ever.  We will be covering defensive tactics armed and unarmed as well as third party protection.  We will also cover topics such as Active Shooter and Car Jacking.  Don’t miss out on the important class your life or the life of your loved ones could depend on it!

Where Champions Are Made

Where Champions Are Made

This is where champions are made! A big congratulations to all our girls that competed in the Femme Royal competition this last weekend!  We had two teams compete, one took second and one took fourth (they both missed moving up one place by 1 point)! A big thanks to Red Wolf CrossFit for hosting such a great event!  Both our team were the only teams that had all four girls complete the Deadlift Ladder with multiple reps at the end and they never rested during the burpees!  You guys are AWESOME!!!!

CrossFit Games Open 2016

CrossFit Games Open 2016

This year we will be running the CrossFit Games Open 2016 as in Intramural competition.  We will have an RX’d and Scaled division. It will be open to all gym members.  It will be a team competition and you get points for your team just by participating. All details are available at the gym.  Come join the FUN!!! We will be having a blind draft to make up the 4 teams.  The fun begins on February 25th!  Don’t miss out!!!

New Traning Cycle Begins This Week

New Traning Cycle Begins This Week

Our Power Lifting Cycle just finished with amazing success!!! Everyone hit Personal Records!!! Now we are going to move to Improving our Olympic Lifts! This is going to be an extremely fun cycle with some great suprises thrown in along the way! If you’re interested in improving your athletic performance for ANY sport the Olympic Lifts are key. Come get your lift on with us!