We are a different breed. We get excited by things most people avoid. The idea of being laid out on our backs after a workout is appealing. We strive on performance, deal with the pain, and take pleasure in small victories. 5 more pounds, 2 seconds quicker, an inch higher: these are the milestones we live for. These are the reasons we come in day after day and do what we do. We love the suck.

We are also a little ridiculous. We try and explain to friends and family why our shins are always scraped open, why our hands are ripped, why we’re having trouble walking down stairs that day, and then immediately try to convince them why they should come and do it. We tend towards a cult-like mentality. (Get more than two of us together and try to have a conversation about something else. Won’t happen.) We get way more excited about food than is normal, and we take cheat meals very seriously. We wear ridiculous looking shoes, or sometimes no shoes at all. We cheer when someone gets their first hand-tear and then take a picture of it. We congratulate someone for puking during a workout, and none of this seems unusual to us.

Most of all we are a community. We suffer together and we succeed together. We cheer each other on. We help each other push past the pain and achieve things we never thought possible. Both inside and outside of the gym we are family. We come from all walks of life to find a common ground: Crossfit.

3…2…1… GO!