CFC Core Challenge




Who’s tired of sucking in their gut and faking it? Who’s ready to have core strength and build up those Winter abs?

Starting Sat. Nov. Sat. 30 – Sat. Feb. 1st. We will be starting our first CFC’s Core Challenge. All CFC athletes are welcome to participate. Wesley will be posting a sign up sheet starting Tomorrow (Nov. 16th) at the gym – if you are interested in the challenge than please sign up.


In CrossFit we endeavor to develop our athletes from the inside out, from core to extremity, which is by the way how good functional movements recruit muscle, from the core to the extremities.

That being said, CFC’s Core-Challenge will be a two month event, focused on strengthening our athlete’s overall core strength making them stronger in all of their dynamic CrossFit movements.


There will be three categories that the athlete’s may choice from — Beginner, Intermediate, Advance.

Every category will have the same ab movements for each week (Saturday – Friday), targeting three zones. Upper Abdominal, Lower Abdominal (and/or Hip Flexor), and Obliques.

Although each category will have the same Ab movements for the week, the work loads will be different, as shown below.

EX.) Week one – Sit-ups, Roman Chairs, L/R Pacman Crunches.

BEGINNERS: 25 of each, every day.
INTERMEDIATE: 50 of each, every day.
ADVANCE: 100 of each, everyday (can be 50 in the am
and 50 in the pm)

Each Saturday, we will change and post up the new target zone’s movements for that week. Each week the movements will become increasingly more dynamic and difficult.


For the purpose of measuring our athletes success we will begin with all athletes testing out with a Gut-Check. At the end of the two months, we will use the exact same Gut-Check to see hopeful improvements.

The Gut-Check will consists of movements that will be done during the two month event.