March Madness Challenge

I got this from CrossFit Insanity a few years back. Who’s down to try it for the month of March?

Join in the Madness!
You have one month to complete the following:
100,000 Meter Row
10,000 Double Unders
1,000 Burpees
100 Muscle-Ups
10 Benchmark WOD’s

If you are interested in joining us for March Madness, just post your results to comments. This is in order for you to keep track (and everyone else to see) of what you have accomplished throughout the month. If you can’t do Double Unders, sub 30,000 single unders, and if you can’t do muscle-ups, sub (men) 500 pull-ups (women) 200 pull-ups and that is unassisted. You can not count any of these movements that are done during your WOD’s (except Benchmarks), so you will need to put some extra time if you want to finish. There is a choice between a 100,000 meter row OR 10,000 double unders, you don’t have to do both. If you did some double unders you can credit them to your row at a 10:1 ratio that is 1,000 double unders = 10,000 meters or vice versa. Also just to clarify all this is homework to that extra effort out of you and make you better, nothing done during a WOD can count toward March Madness. The only exception is if a benchmark is programed as a WOD, this can be counted all others are homework. Lets have some fun, and don’t forget to post your results day to day in the comments.