Sat 7-14-12

Please remember there will only be Boxing today at 9 AM!  All other classes are cancelled due to the CrossFit Games!!!

Fri 7-13-12

Please remember we are closed for the CrossFit Games today!

Here is a WOD you can do for homework:

For time-


20 push-ups 1 sit-up

19 push-ups 2 sit-ups

18 push-ups 3 sit-ups

continue until you reach

1 push-up 20 sit-ups

post your time to your Beyond The Whiteboard account or to comments here.

Tue 7-3-12

Go Rhonda!

For time:


Bear complex

do 20 double-unders between rounds and at the end.

the bar cannot rest on the ground during a round. If it douse you must repeat the round before you can move on.