Thurs 7-31-08

Rest day.  Besides day 18 of TBC rest up because we are going to do benchmark testing tomorrow.

Wed 7-30-08

Day 17 of TBC.

1/2 Murph

run 1/2 mile (800m)

50 arm-haulers

100 push-ups

150 squats

run 1/2 mile (800m)

Here are some pictures of what we did.

Tue 7-29-08


For time:
400m run
70 Sit-ups
400m run
70 Mountain climbers
400m run
70 Mountain climbers
400m run
70 Sit-ups

Plus day 16 of TBC I made a mistake and repeated day 11 twice. Man I can even count – I’ll do double burpees today as a punishment reward.

Homework Extra Credit:

Copy everything you see in this video (this is a joke Stephen)

Mon 7-28-08

Here is something I found on the CrossFit by Overload site.

It’s more than a workout…it’s a way of life. So how do you know if you’ve
drank a little too much of the Kool-Aid?

1. You tell your girlfriend that you spent your morning with Fran,

Cindy, or Helen, and she’s not mad
2. You refuse to eat out any more, because there are no
Zone-friendly restaurants
3. You have left a sweat angel on the floor of your gym
4. You are on your last warning for violating your globo-gym’s
“no oly lifts” policy
5. “So I think I dig this chick.” “What! How can you say that?
You don’t even know what her Fran time is!”
6. You wake up after a night at the tavern, and your pockets are full of
napkins with WOD that you made up in a drunken stupor
(“10,000 kettlebell swings….underwater!”)
7. You’ve power-cleaned your SO
8. People give you a lot of room at your gym
9. You understand the meaning of “stomp for power”
10. If you didn’t puke, you didn’t go hard enough
11. You feel sorry for people who read Muscle and Fitness
12. In your trunk, you have: at least one kettlebell, spare running shoes,
a med ball, and rings
13. You know that the phrase “Oh yeah???” is very dangerous in the
right context.
14. You talk about Coach, Eva, Brandon, Annie, Greg,
etc like they are your best friends
15. Your favorite numbers are 21, 15, and 9
16. You have a lucky t-shirt that you wear on big days out
17. You’ve banged your head on a ceiling doing pullups
18. You can use the words “snatch” and “jerk” in a sentence and not giggle.
19. You watch affiliate videos while at work/in class
20. You do everything “for time”
21. Except sex, for which you go for max rounds in 20 minutes
(I made myself laugh with this one)
22. In the same day, you’ve broken personal records in deadlifts and sprints
23. You psych yourself up by telling yourself you don’t need to breathe
for the next few minutes
24. People accuse you of lying when they ask you how you got in such great
shape and you respond that it only take 1/2 hour a day.
See you tonight.
Here is what we did:
Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
95 pound Overhead squats (weight scaled to ability)

Sun 7-27-08

Rest day except this is day 13 of TBC.

See you tomorrow!!!

Check out Fridays post for video of the a, let’s call it fun 🙂