Building Better Humans

At High Performance Strength and Conditioning our goal is to build better humans.
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Building Better Humans

High Performance Strength and Conditioning exists to create improvements in our clients’ lives by increasing their fitness level and overall well being. We do this by using performance training that will challenge you, and a community that will inspire you like no other. We will not rest until you are on a path to a bright, happy, healthy and fit future.

We achieve these results by focusing on three key areas in all of our performance training:

Constantly Varied.

Functional Movement.

High Intensity.


CrossFit & MetFit

Monday-Friday 5:30a, 8:00a, 10:00a, 4:30p, 5:30p, 6:30p*

Saturday 8:00a, 10:00a

*This class does not take place on Tuesday and Thursdays

CrossFit Striking

Tuesday & Thursday 6:30p

Saturday 9:00a

CrossFit Gymnastics

Sunday 10:00a

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During the Alpha Training Cycle we will be placing an emphasis on 5 of the 10 General Physical Skills.  We will be focused on Strength, Endurance, Speed, Power, and Agility.  We will be training these simultaneously but with cyclic emphasis. We will be using 3 main...

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Little Black Dress Boot Camp

We are opening up only 20 spots for our Little Black Dress Boot Camp!  This time we are expanding it to 6 week instead of the usual 4.  In previous camps we've had some amazing results like losing 3% bod fat, dropping 8 pounds, going down 2 dress sizes and so much...

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Krav Maga is Here!

Tuesday night at 6:30 pm we will be teaching Krav Maga the Israeli art of Self Defense.  Being able to protect yourself and your loved ones is a fundamental primal need and in the ever changing world this need is growing faster than ever.  We will be covering...

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